Guided tours


Get an insight into the city's development areas on a guided tour with CPH City & Port Development. We provide presentations and guided tours for teams of architects, urban planners, public authorities, companies, etc.

If you are interested in exploring the city as a private individual or with a private group, association or school group, we recommend that you visit the Danish Architecture Centre's website

When CPH City & Port Development organizes public bus tours, boat tours and other events, they are advertised on this website and in the daily newspapers.

  • The prices of the tours indicated below include a guide and metro tickets, but do not include the bus and boat.
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    Copenhagen's newest and greenest neighbourhood is located adjacent to Amager Fælled and Kalvebod Fælled, with their over 2,000 hectares of natural area. Almost 8,000 residents have already moved in, and more than 12,000 workplaces are currently located in the area.

    On the tour, you will hear the story of Ørestad from the drawing board to a living neighbourhood, which is now almost 50% completed.

    Ørestad consists of four districts, each with its own identity. Ørestad North is home to universities and DR Byen. Amager Fælled has residential and green areas. Ørestad City has international businesses, homes, schools and Scandinavia's largest traffic hub. Ørestad South has housing located on the edge of Kalvebod Fælled. Ørestad is the modern Copenhagen, a mixed city with award-winning architecture and an exciting story that is far from over yet.

    The tour of Ørestad begins with a presentation of the district at the model of Ørestad. It will then be possible to cycle, drive or take the Metro around the city and experience the architecture and urban spaces.

    Price: DKK 1900 excluding VAT


    Over the next 40 years, Nordhavn will be transformed into a new, sustainable district in Copenhagen, with respect for the existing businesses, harbour environments and buildings worthy of preservation. The tour will present the story of Scandinavia's largest and most ambitious urban development project, from its original inception to the local development plan for the first district, the Århusgade district. Hear about the challenges facing the urban development, and discover Nordhavn's raw environment as it appears today.

    The tour to Nordhavn begins with a presentation of the plans for the area, focusing on the locally planned Århusgade district. It will then be possible to cycle, drive or walk through the area.

    Price: DKK 1900 excluding VAT


    Sluseholmen won the 2009 Town Planning Prize in recognition of its alternative and exciting urban environment. Sluseholmen's family-friendly harbour residences are an alternative to suburban houses with gardens. The development is characterized by small blocks with narrow houses of different heights and with a great deal of variation in the architectural style.

    The canals are the guiding principle in the development. Residents have a view of either the harbour channel or of the canals. The canals form eight islands and their names all end in -holm (meaning islet in Danish) - Askholm, Egholm, Kidholm etc. The houses are located shoulder to shoulder, forming a contiguous block system with a courtyard in the centre.

    The tour goes through Sluseholm's canal environment on foot and past Bådklubben Valby, which has been preserved alongside the new canal neighbourhood. By boat, the tour can go through Teglværkshavn and continue through Sydhavnen, past Islands Brygge, Havnestad, Havneholmen and Teglholmen.

    Price: DKK 1900 excluding VAT

    Special tours

    If you would you like to see more of CPH City & Port Development's sites, take a boat trip from Nordhavn to Sydhavnen, or any other combinations, please telephone or write to our tour secretariat to make arrangements.