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Move your business to an area that has been created for development.

Ørestad is a district full of opportunities. There is no other place in Copenhagen where you will find such good infrastructure, bringing customers and companies closer together while simultaneously offering the area's residents a combination of both a magnificent natural environment and the pulsating life of the city close at hand.

Facts about Ørestad:

Ørestad is an area which stretches more than 5 kilometres from the outskirts of the city centre to the edge of Copenhagen Airport. The district is about 600 metres wide.

  • It has a total area of 310 hectares, equivalent to 3.1 million square metres.
  • 3.1 million square metres of floor space can be built in Ørestad.
  • There are six Metro stations in Ørestad: Islands Brygge, DR Byen, Sundby, Bella Center, Ørestad and Vestamager.
  • 50% of Ørestad will consist of commercial and office buildings, 40% will be comprised of residential units and 10% of the buildings will be for cultural, services, retail trade and institutions.
  • 60,000 people will be employed in Ørestad.
  • 30,000 people will live in Ørestad.

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