Join the development in Ørestad Syd



  • Architects Transform ApS and advisors Bascon A/S won the project competition for a new masterplan for the 20-hectare in the western area of Ørestad Syd with the opportunity to build 300,000m2 of housing. The competition was organised by CPH City & Port Development.
  • CPH City & Port Development want the competition area to have its own character and identity but complement the rest of the Ørestad Syd area currently being developed.
  • The winning proposal divides the area into different types of accommodation. The northern part is for terraced housing while the southern part has apartment buildings of different sizes.
  • The main street, Asger Jorns Allé, is the focus for all public functions and activities.
  • The winning proposal is currently being qualified so that the City of Copenhagen can adopt a local plan for the area.
Current development opportunities:
  • Estimated 300,000m² residential building rights.