Move your business to an area that has been created for development.

CPH City Port Development develops and sells some of Copenhagen's most attractive sites. All the sites are located centrally in Copenhagen, with good infrastructure and public transport. The possibilities to achieve a pleasant living environment, both within and between buildings, is greatly improved by ensuring a good balance between commercial and residential buildings, and also by mixing the types of housing. Many of the buildings and common areas in the new urban districts have already won awards for architecture and urban planning.

When you deal with CPH City & Port Development, you are dealing with one of the largest development companies in Denmark. We follow up every new district, from the development phase to the completed neighbourhood. We also provide the infrastructure and ensure that there is room for further development, even after the businesses and residents have moved in.

Ørestad is a district full of opportunities. There is no other place in Copenhagen where you will find such good infrastructure, bringing customers and companies closer together while simultaneously offering the area's residents a combination of both a magnificent natural environment and the pulsating life of the city close at hand.

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