Guided tours in Ørestad


Ørestad is developing rapidly. The infrastructure, architechture and the green areas are developing just as fast as associations are flourishing, new communities are being established and an overall identity is taking shape. Take a guided tour as a private individual, academic or professional group, or as part of an association or school.

The development of Ørestad can be experienced in many ways. Here you can obtain an overview of what type of guided tour you and your potential group needs.

Danish Architecture Centre

The DAC has a broad knowledge of the city and therefore also has a large variety of interesting tours, as well as a functioning education service. Go to the website

CPH City & Port Development.

CPH City & Port Development's guided tours are primarily intended for specialists, such as architects, planners, regulators etc. Go to the website

Experience Ørestad

"Experience Ørestad" communicates local stories about the people and city life in Ørestad and it explores the district's nooks and crannies. Go to the website

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