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Ørestad's location and infrastructure is unique. Residents and employees avoid wasting unnecessary time on transportation. International business connections to Ørestad's many companies have only a few minutes' journey to Copenhagen Airport.

Most visitors to Ørestad are surprised by the short travelling time and the easy accessibility to and within the district. Whatever mode of transport you choose, it's easy to get to and from Ørestad. Examples of journey times from Ørestad City are presented below:

  • The metro runs every 3 minutes during rush hours and every 6 minutes outside of rush hours.
  • The Øresund train runs approximately every 10 minutes.
  • Three bus lines also stop at Kay Fiskers Plads (line 4A, 33 and 500S).

Below are some examples of travel times by Metro, the Øresund train and private car respectively to and from Ørestad City.

By Metro:
To Kongens Nytorv: 10 minutes To Nørreport: 12 minutes To Frederiksberg: 16 minutes

By the Øresund train:
To Copenhagen Airport: 6 minutes Copenhagen Central Station: 7 minutes To Malmö: 29 minutes To Hellerup: 20 minutes To Humlebæk: 44 minutes

By car:
To Copenhagen Airport: 5 minutes To Hellerup: 16 minutes To Glostrup: 13 minutes To Roskilde: 28 minutes To Brønshøj: 15 minutes To Hvidovre: 8 minutes To Charlottenlund: 20 minutes (source: Krak)

Ørestad North also has good transport links, thanks to the metro and its proximity to Islands Brygge and Copenhagen's city centre. And if you wish to travel to Sweden, to the airport or to a destination via the motorway, then it only takes a few minutes to drive to Ørestad City with its exit to the motorway and to rail links.

Ørestad South has almost the same transport links as Ørestad City. Add a few minutes to the figures above, whether you use the Metro, the train or a car.

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