Ørestad City


Ørestad City extends from Vejlands Allé in the north to the motorway in the south. The district is almost fully developed, and is characterized by a good mix of businesses and homes.

Byparken, with the many housing developments around it, is one of the natural focal points in the neighbourhood. The park is divided equally between upper secondary school pupils, families with children, football players and dog walkers. 

One of Europe's best golf courses has been established just west of Byparken.

Ørestad City also contains Field's shopping centre, but the district is also home to supermarkets and some restaurants and cafés. 

Ørestad City is also the neighbourhood in Ørestad that has the highest concentration of commercial enterprises. The location between the airport and the Copenhagen's old city centre is ideal for internationally-oriented businesses and several large companies have already moved their activities to the modern office facilities that characterise the district. 

There is a lot of activity at Kay Fisker's Plads beside the metro and regional train station, where shoppers from Field's shopping centre mingle with people on their way to and from work. 

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