Ørestad Nord (Ørestad North)


Ørestad Nord is adjacent to Islands Brygge and Sundbyvester, two neighbourhoods that belong to the 'old' Amager. The centre of the neighbourhood is Emil Holms Kanal.

A diverse neighbourhood: Ørestad Nord contains public institutions, commercial enterprises and housing areas with offers for both students and families. 

The South Campus of the University of Copenhagen, the IT University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Humanities Library and DR Byen, the housing area Karen Blixen Parken and Tietgenkollegiet student accommodation is located centrally along Universitetskanalen.

In the western part of the neighbourhood, the residential Boligslangen winds along in combination with the Landskabelige Kanal. Boligslangen (the "housing snake") has a floating roof which meanders from north to south across the two housing projects Universitetshaven and Fælledhaven. The two structures are distinguished by, among other things, accommodating owner-occupied, cooperative and rental dwellings. This ensures a diverse and broad mix of residents.

The terraced housing neighbourhood of Radiorækkerne is located directly on front of Boligslangen. Radiorækkerne has houses with their own front and back garden, just 1.5 kilometres from Rådhuspladsen in the centre of Copenhagen. 

Boligslangen and the Landskabelige Kanal are surrounded by Grønningen, a park area that serves as a link between the city and the nearby countryside on Amager Fælled. Ørestad Nord is thus a neighbourhood that provides space for recreation and contemplation, for business and research, and for public and private spaces.

Ørestad Nord has the city's best infrastructure and is close to everything. Whether you arrive by bicycle, by car or by metro, you will find some of the best options here.

You don't notice the traffic when you are in Ørestad Nord. The buildings are designed so that you feel comfortable among the houses, shielded from the traffic flowing around the area. Slow traffic is the predominant form of transport in the area, but you are never far from good transport facilities.

Ørestad Nord has become Copenhagen's new centre for arts and culture, media and communications technology.

The neighbourhood gets its special character by virtue of a series of key Copenhagen institutions: The South Campus of the University of Copenhagen, the IT University of Copenhagen and DR Byen with its many functions and the unique concert hall.

They are all institutions with public functions, which help to form a diverse urban life in Ørestad's northernmost area.

Nowhere else in Copenhagen offers such good opportunities for students as Ørestad Nord.

The two universities and the many cultural institutions fill the area with life and a special, creative atmosphere.

The August Schade Quarter

In 2017 the new Nordea headquarters will be taken into service. There are very few remaining possibilities to build in Ørestad Nord.

The composition of a bank, businesses, 300 apartments and several shops and restaurants result in a lot more people in Ørestad Nord.

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