Ørestad Syd (Ørestad South)


There are only a few places in Europe where you can live in a capital city and in the middle of nature at the same time. It is possible in Copenhagen. In Ørestad Syd.

Ørestad Syd is characterized by the marked contrast between the vast natural expanse of Kalvebod Fælled and the apartment buildings of Ørestad Syd. 

While the nature reserve is located practically in the "back garden", the area is developing into a modern, dynamic neighbourhood with thousands of new residents.

As a resident in Ørestad South, it is quick and easy to reach the rest of Copenhagen and its surroundings. It only takes 11 minutes to get to Christianshavn by metro, or 14 and 18 minutes respectively to get to Nørreport St. and Frederiksberg.

The Øresund train passes just north of the neighbourhood. From one platform in Ørestad station, it only takes six minutes to reach the airport, or you can continue by train to Malmö. From the second platform, it takes 7 minutes to reach Copenhagen Central Station. 

The Øresund motorway runs along the Øresund railway line. You can therefore by car to e.g. Malmö or Hellerup in 15-16 minutes.

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