PLUG N PLAY is an urban activity park in Ørestad South. It opened in 2009 and is placed on a temporary available building site. It is open 24-hours a day and the activities are free for all.

The 25,000mthat is PLUG N PLAY features the following range of different sports and activities:

  • A football field (fits 7 people)
  • A street football field (fits 5 people and made of plastic grass)
  • A street basketball court
  • Beach volley and beach tennis
  • Two big swings 
  • The biggest speedskate lane in Denmark
  • 30 urban gardens
  • The biggest parkour facility in Denmark
  • The biggest Dirtjump and pumptracks in Denmark

Five different sport clubs have been related to PLUG N PLAY from the beginning: Vesterbro Rulleskøjte Klub (speedskating), Team JiYo (parkour), De Urbane Haver (Urban gardening) and Danske Freestyle (Freestyle cycling at the jumps and pumptracks). Beside these sports clubs Ørestad Spartans (American football club) and two local football teams are assigned to PLUG N PLAY.

All the sports clubs have agreed to collaborate with CPH City and Port Developement to get small practical jobs done at the area, like chalking the football fields. They are also obligated to participate in a sports festival held at PLUG N PLAY each year, and to organize one public event where everyone can participate and learn about the activities.

PLUG N PLAY – a public space
PLUG N PLAY is used by citizens, schools and classes, kindergartens and families from all of Copenhagen and the nearby regions. It is free to use and it is open 24 hours a day. It is possible to get water from the two water pumps, but the toilets are only open when the sports clubs are, because they maintain them. Is only the sports clubs that can book the sports fields, but is it possible to see when they are booked at the google calendar further down on this page.

In the summer it is possible to use the public grill. That way either a group of friends or a sports club can throw a barbecue party. This place is also a good meeting point in the big PLUG N PLAY area.

The purpose
The purpose of PLUG N PLAY is to support the city life and make Ørestad exciting and full of experiences. PLUG N PLAY ‘generate’ life, because it attracts both local citizens and people from all over Copenhagen. It is a public meeting point, an area full of activities and also a place where you can discover niche sports.

PLUG N PLAY generates positive experiences and stories about the neighbourhood which affects the image of Ørestad in a positive way.

These sports clubs are associated with plug n play:

Danske Freestyle Cyklister
The club works to create better conditions for the unestablished part of the cycling sports. Danske Freestyle Cyklister was established in 2009 and informational club with 60 members.

Team JiYo
Team JiYo is a parkour performance group. The group has designed the parkour park in PLUG N PLAY and also teaches parkour and freerunning to young people in Copenhagen in a club called Dansk Parkour & Freerunning.

Vesterbro Rulleskøjteklub
Vesterbro Rulleskøjte Klub was established in 1995 and is one of the first rollerskating clubs in Denmark. It has 250 members. The club offers different kinds of rollerskating diciplines like; kids teams, speed teams, exercise teams, a Roller Derby team and hockey teams. The club works to expand the sport and improve the facilities for practitioners of the sport.

Ørestad Urbane Haver
Ørestad Urbane Haver eksperiments with establishing small gardens in the temporary activity area. The members meet and grow flower, vegetables and herbs. Everyone who is interested in urban gardening are welcome to visit the gardens - both beginners and experienced people.

Frk. Birger
Next to PLUG N PLAY is Frk. Birger. Different events are held among others there are courses in kayapolo for people in all ages and sizes. It is not needed to have any experience beforehand because Frk. Birger provide for judges, instructors, kayaks etc. The prices are listed at the homepage.

Things to do at PLUG N PLAY

  • parkour
  • speedskating
  • dirt jump
  • beach volley
  • beach tennis
  • 5 people football
  • regular football
  • basketball
  • street basket
  • or use the ecological urban gardens

Video about plug n play